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SamCart Review РIs This The Best Shopping Cart & Landing Page Creator On The Market?

A few weeks ago, I was in the market for a new shopping cart and landing page creator. After doing some research online, I came across SamCart.

The website is easy to navigate and looks great on mobile devices; it’s filled with tons of options that are organized by category making it super easy to find what you need.

I liked that there were also video tutorials about how to use each feature – they’re short and sweet but enough to get you up-and-running quickly!

With so many features available at such an affordable price point ($49/month), I decided to give it a try.

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In my opinion¬†SamCart¬†is the best and most affordable shopping cart and landing page builder on the market. Most competitors charge you an arm and a leg for sub-standard tools and less features. But¬†SamCart¬†offers you an¬†easy to use¬†tool that creates beautiful-looking pages that converts like it’s on steroids!

You can see the types of people and businesses who has the most success with SamCart here.

SamCart Pros

  • Simple to use / beginner-friendly
  • Beautiful-looking, high-converting templates
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Lots of high-converting features
  • Upsell, downsell pages, order bumps
  • Good variety of payment models
  • Discounts and coupon options
  • Create membership sites
  • Good affiliate management with lots of features
  • Good analytics
  • Integrates with most tools
  • Excellent support
  • Sell physical, digital products, services, courses, etc

SamCart Cons

  • No cryptocurrently payments
  • No Apply Pay
  • Affiliate center not available on base plan
  • No sales tax calculation built in
  • Not the best platform for selling services

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What Is SamCart? 

SamCart is one of the leading shopping cart and landing page creators on the market. SamCart comes with an extensive list of beautiful-looking and high-converting templates to help you get your landing pages and sales funnels up and running quickly. 

SamCart homepage

SamCart’s¬†templates are super-flexible, and you don’t need any tech knowledge at all to use them. You can choose a high-converting theme that is specifically designed for an eCommerce business, a service-based business, a drop-shipping business, or even if you want to sell digital products with a full-functional members area.¬†

Yep, SamCart now comes with a secure members area where you can host all of your content for your customers. Set up your membership site based on a pay per month, per quarter, per year, or one-time payment model. You can even create free members areas if that serves your business. 

The best part of this new addition to the SamCart features is that the membership sites feature is available on any pricing plan for no extra money!

SamCart testimonial


Who Is SamCart For? 

SamCart is for ANYONE who is trying to make money and sell stuff online. This can be anything from digital products like eBooks and courses, to physical products, services, software, seminars, webinars, and special events. You can even use SamCart to promote affiliate offers. 

If you’re selling your own products then¬†SamCart¬†will also allow you to build an affiliate program and recruit affiliates to sell your stuff for you! This is an exceptionally profitable strategy that can literally sky-rocket your business overnight.¬†

If you need a private, password-protected members area to host content content (say, for an online video course), then SamCart has you covered here too. 

SamCart has recently added their membership site feature to EVERY pricing plan that they offer for no extra money! 

So, this all sounds great, right? 

Yes,¬†SamCart¬†is a great tool, BUT IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE. Some people will be better off with other tools.

SamCart Features 

Probably one of the main reasons why you‚Äôd choose SamCart over the competiton is due to its functionality, and quite frankly, the features that the competition don’t have.¬†

It has a lot of cool features that are both easy to use, and can increase your conversion-rate considerably. 

That‚Äôs one thing in particular that SamCart are known for ‚Äď boosting conversions.

SamCart guarantee

To this end, SamCart also have a Conversion Boost Guarantee. This means you can try SamCart and if you don’t see a boost in your sales then they’ll refund you the cost of your SamCart payment. 

Drag and Drop Editor 

SamCart has a very easy to use drag and drop page builder. Using this tool I found the SamCart page creator to be not as clunky as some of its competitors, such as ClickFunnles or BuilderAll. 

The drag and drop page builder is so simple, even non-technical people can use it to create beautiful-looking pages. 

Starting out with one of the done-for-you templates, designing your page exactly how you like it is super-simple. You can change and edit your template in any way you like, to get it looking just how you would like. 

One-Click Upsells

One of the highest performing conversion features you can use is a one-click upsell. This enables you to generate more revenue from each customer.

Basically, a one-click upsell allows you to offer your customer one or multiple products that they can add to their shopping cart with a simple click.

Now again, here’s where SamCart differs from the competition – SamCart also includes upsell confirmation.

So, what’s great about that?

Ultimately, it will save you a lot of headaches from unhappy customers who clicked the upsell button by mistake and are then wondering why they have the extra charges. Often, these customers will dispute the additional payment with their payment processor, and if those guys get upset then they could shut down your merchant account…

However, with the upsell confirmation feature you won’t have this issue. Instead, you’ll have happy customers who know exactly what they’re buying. This will also help to increase trust between you and your customers, and make you look more professional too.

Order Bumps 

Order bumps are another great way to increase your average customer value. 

A bump offer is like the impulse buy section next to the checkout in the grocery store. 

How this works online is very similar. On the checkout page your customer will see the order bump offer as usually a lower-priced but complimentary offer to the main purchase. 

For example, if you’re selling an watch then your order bump at the checkout might be a stylish box, a discount on servicing, watch insurance. Your customer can add the order bump to their overall order by simply ticking a checkbox. 

Checkout Pages 

Currently, SamCart has around 20 shopping cart templates that are battle-tested and designed by professionals. 

This means that SamCart has actually tested each of these templates to make sure they convert in the real world. 

A lot of big-name influencers and marketers use SamCart, so you can simply leverage the templates that have been proven to work time and again. This will help you to get results quickly once you start using SamCart. 

With each template you also get conversion features like security assurance, guarantees and testimonials baked into the pages. You can, of course, remove or reposition any of these if you want to, but they all help to increase your overall conversion rate. 

Since over 60% of people now access the internet from a mobile device, SamCart’s developers have invested time into making sure all their pages are mobile-friendly. This is an absolute must nowadays that you need in any online business. 

Once you are ready to launch your checkout page you can first test it out via the sandbox mode. This allows you to test your page before it’s actually live for the world to see. This ensures that you can get everything just right before launching. 

Once you’ve picked the template you want to use, all that’s left for you to do is to change the colours and logo to match your brand and you’re good to go. 

SamCart users

One-Page Checkouts 

The one-page checkouts feature is something I especially like about SamCart. This feature allows you to offer your customer multiple payment options all on one page. 

As an example, say you’re selling a course for $997, but you also want to offer one, or even multiple payment plans. 

Here’s how you could break this down on the same page: 

  • Option 1: Pay in full – $997¬†
  • Option 2: Pay in 3 monthly installments¬†
  • Option 3: Pay in 12 monthly installments¬†

A Lot of other shopping cart platforms out there don’t give you the option to offer this all on one page. You’d need to set up multiple checkout pages. And as I’m sure you already know, giving the customer more pages to click through to can mean a decrease in conversion rates. 

One-page checkouts

The Subscription Saver 

While selling products and services on a subscription model is a great way to build your revenue online, unfortunately you will inevitably get a few people who pay you late, or don’t pay for whatever reason. 

Sometimes it’s because the customers credit card has expired. Other times it’s because the customer just doesn’t want to pay you, for whatever reason. 

In any case, the subscription saver feature will automatically email the customer on your behalf if their payment is late. The customer will receive an email to remind them to pay, and also to update their credit card information if necessary. 

They can make all the updates they need to directly from the email, which makes it super-convenient for the customer, and more likely that they’ll continue to be your customer. 

If you operate a subscription-based model then this feature alone can save you thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue each year. 

And for those who still don‚Äôt pay,¬†SamCart¬†will mark them down as a ‚Äėdelinquent‚Äô so you can clearly identify them in your dashboard. You can then choose to follow up with them in other ways if you wish.¬†

A/B Split-Testing Feature 

Split testing is an important technique in online marketing, without it, it can be very difficult to find the most optimal campaign for your audience. 

By creating a duplicate landing page and then making small tweaks over time, you can run traffic to both pages and get a clear measure of not only which page is performing best for you, but also exactly which elements are leading to your conversion success.

Affiliate Management Center 

One of the most profitable ways to get the word out about your products and services are through affiliates. 

With SamCart you can set up an affiliate program for each of your products, and then recruit affiliates to promote it for you. 

You can choose to pay per lead or per sale, and also provide your affiliates with special landing page links, banners, email swipes and anything else that you think might help them to sell your products for you. 

From your affiliate center you can monitor stats and see exactly which affiliates are performing the best for you. 

Membership Site 

One of SamCart’s newest features is the membership site builder. 

Up until recently, if you sold courses that required a private members area then you’d also need to use a 3rd party membership app like MemberMouse or Teachable alongside SamCart. This can get expensive. 

However, now SamCart has this feature included on all payment plans. So, even if you’re using the starter plan at $49 per month, you can still use SamCart’s membership site feature so you can save money on 3rd party providers. 

With the SamCart membership feature you can lock your content behind a password-protected page, so only paying customers will be able to see your content. 

You can choose to bill your members in multiple ways including, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or even just a one-time payment. 

SamCart Demo


One of the worst things is to sign up for a service and have crappy or non-existent customer support. 

Fortunately, this is not the case with SamCart. 

From personal experience I can tell you that SamCart support are helpful, friendly, professional and then actually get back to you pretty quickly. 

Here are the support options you will have: 

User Interface Guide ‚ÄstOnce you first login to¬†SamCart¬†you will automatically be guided through the dashboard, similar to a guided tour. This feature will show you around so you know where to find things, and how to get set up.¬†

Help Center ‚ÄstYou will have access to an extensive knowledge base of articles and videos to help you out with pretty much any task or issue.¬†

Live Chat –¬†If you need to reach someone for help then you can jump on live chat. Of course, the response time can vary depending on how busy they are, but usually support will connect with you quickly.¬†

Email Support –¬†You can reach the¬†SamCart¬†support team directly via email anytime during their work hours, which are 9am ‚Äď 5pm ET.¬†

Facebook Group –¬†SamCart¬†has a large group of over 30,000 members.¬†SamCart¬†support are also active in the group and happy to answer your questions here too.¬†

SamCart Pricing

SamCart offer 3 pricing plans, which actually start at a very reasonable rate.

Most competitors entry price is a lot higher than SamCart’s, which makes SamCart an affordable solution for most businesses out there, especially when first getting started.

Here are the plans:

  • Launch – $49 per month
  • Grow – $99 per month
  • Scale – $199 per month

Unfortunately, not all of the features are available on every plan. However, if you decide to move up the pricing plans then you will get additional features with each move.

If you want to see exactly what you get on each SamCart pricing plan then click here for the full details.

14-Day Free Trial 

If you like the sound of SamCart, but you’d like to take it for a test-drive before you commit to buying, then you can use the 14-Day Free Trial here. 


SamCart also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy using this marketing software tool within your first month. 

Final Thoughts 

SamCart is a great platform for selling physical and digital products online as well as services and membership subscriptions. 

SamCart¬†is affordable for most small¬†busineess¬†owners and beginner marketers. It’s an easy tool to use so most people will be able to get their business up and running very quickly with¬†SamCart.¬†

With a great selection of conversion-focused tools,¬†SamCart¬†also carries the ‚ÄúConversion Boost Guarantee‚ÄĚ.¬†

If you want to take SamCart for a test-drive then you can get a SamCart Free 14-Day Trial here. 


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